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Kevin Airrington is a professional genealogist & historian with 15+ years experience. Specializing in adoptions - It's Who I Am!™
Genealogy Tip of the Day!
Where can I see the old homestead?

There are three sites…one you are probably familiar with‚ it’s called Google earth.  The other two will take further explanation and there is not enough room so I will take you to another page for that.   Check for mapping your ancestors under free tips.  

Kevin Airrington
Professional Genealogist & Historian

Southern Oregon/Central Oregon/Southwest Minnesota/Germany
In all of us there is a hunger marrow-deep to know our heritage and to know who we are and where we came from.Alex Haley

Kevin Airrington has been a genealogist since 1998 providing genealogy research services tracing genealogy throughout California Oregon Idaho Nevada Alaska Minnesota West Virgina Ohio North Dakota GermanySweden England Norway and the West.

Although his roots are in Oregon he has lived in Idaho California Washington Kentucky Colorado Ohio and Germany.  In addition to his extensive research throughout the West he has provided genealogy research services for clients located throughout the United States from the east coast to the west coast to include Alaska California Florida West Virgina Louisiana Maryland Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Mexico New York Oregon South Carolina Texas and Utah as well as Germany Sweden Norway and England.

Kevin’s interest in genealogy charts began while researching his own family and it became a way to portray his family history in a clear graphic manner.  Of equal interest to him is providing genealogy research services and providing a professional genealogy report.  Kevin views this as another important means of portraying the family history that brings it to life.  His reports include graphics explaining geographic and historic context and even a small chart has a way of finding its way into the genealogy reports.

Kevin has always had a passion for history especially American wars and Biblical History.   His grandfathers ancestors have been involved in nearly every American conflict!  From the Civil War to the Revolutionary War Kevin can find your ancestors  records…even hard to find records.

I believe that not only should everyone know where they are going when they leave Gods earth and they should also know where they came from. Says Kevin.

Finding your roots is like putting a puzzle together.  First you find all the side pieces and then you start filling everything in the middle in.  And sometimes you have to find a back door or side door because you never know what your ancestor May have been thinking.  Kevin reminds us.

One of the greatest treasures that God gave man is his family.  Both the family that he gets to live with see and enjoy everyday and the family that he gets to look back to and discover and wonder how and where they lived.  Never underestimate the love and emotion that grows in the human heart.  A memory is something that you can never take away pictures and documents keep those memories vibrant and alive.

Kevin makes his home in beautiful Southern Oregon.  He is a single father of 7 wonderful children.  4 of his children are grown.  He has 3 grandchildren.  Kevin says Grandchildren are Gods reward for not killing your kids when you really thought about it. 🙂  He believes that he is blessed by both his children and his grandchildren.  Spending time with his grandchildren are an adventure where his grandchildren affectionately refer to him as Pahpaw

Kevin is a published author and enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.  He is not afraid to get to work and is a diligent and tactful researcher. Kevin is working on a Masters in Theology.  He chose this discipline because of his love of history and because of his love of the Bible.

On-Going Education:

Wounded Warrior ProjectKevin believes that education is an ongoing process.  Industries evolve and so must the student.   He is also participates in genealogy conferences workshops and continues to read current publications to keep tract of the advances in research.

Kevin is a member of the:

He is also a member of  The Universal Autograph Collectors Club a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of the autograph collector.

Kevin has taught genealogy courses as well as history classes topics that include: Revolutionary War Civil War Spanish American-War World War I World War II American Outlaws of the Frontier and US Presidents to name a few.  Typically he creates his own study and lecture material.  He loves teaching and home-schools his children.  His children would rival most adults when it comes to history.   His 14 year old daughter Rosebud has also spoke in seminars.

Kevin lectures on genealogical subjects and history at museums libraries schools genealogical and historical societies VFWs and other Veterans organizations senior centers continuing education programs and to interested groups.  His lectures are always free less expenses.  The host will be responsible for transportation costs lodging and meals.  Kevin is in a wheelchair and this requires that he be accompanied by a caregiver; all costs associated with the caregiver will need to be covered as well.

While he never charges to speak a donation is recommended to cover his time but not a requirement.

Kevin is an avid collector of history and antiques specializing in Civil War period documents and autographs.   He sells History DVDs that cover nearly every topic from the Civil War to the Spanish American War.  For information and a price list please contact Kevin directly.  We also sell Confederate items on this site.   (see page for disclaimer)

He is also the Founder of a new Veterans service that will support the genealogy community at large.  The organization is still in the process of being formed and any details at this point are strictly confidential.   Airrington Genealogy and Kevin hope to make an announcement before the end of the year with the launch of this new organization.  As a disabled veteran himself Kevin has a heart for all Veterans he is a proud regular supporter of the Wounded Warriors Project and you can sense the excitement in his voice when he discusses the new Veterans organization…as Kevin puts it This is a way that we can give back to those Veterans and their families who have given so much and at the same time provide the genealogy community with a valuable service.  May God bless our veterans their families and those veterans who have given the very last measure.  Mom and Dad…thank you for sending your son or daughter.

Whether you are searching for a single document or your entire tree Airrington Genealogy can make it happen.  You will be more than pleased with their results.  You can contact Kevin directly at or our Contact Us page.


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