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Kevin Airrington is a professional genealogist & historian with 15+ years experience. Specializing in adoptions - It's Who I Am!™
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In the Early Days

When states and counties began maintaining vital records‚ it was relatively common for many births and deaths to not be recorded. As time moved forward‚ the percentage of births and deaths that were actually entered in the records increased. But don’t be surprised if the number of births and deaths recorded in those first few […]

I do genealogy because I love doing research.  Basically everything every service I offer is based on research one way or another.  Research for clients is obvious and takes up a good bit of my time every day.   Research is the basis of my writing whether it is for publication or for a client. Take a look at “Research Services” to see how I go about serving the research needs of clients. “The Research Report” section discusses the final output of client focused research. Lastly I have posted a section entitled “Why Hire a Professional Genealogist?“

Research Services

Components of a project

In its simplest terms you decide on what you want to discover about your genealogy I develop a plan for how to go about finding the answer followed by conducting the research analyzing what was found and developing a report presenting the findings and the analysis that led to the conclusions. Obviously the components of this process expand or contract depending upon the complexity of the assignment. It might be a simple record look-up the development of a lineage or a full family history going back many generations.

Deciding on a goal

We can start working together at this stage. I can help you focus on exactly what it is you want to learn next.  Analyzing past efforts and results Here we further refine the goals with an eye to avoiding repetition of past work. This saves both time and money.

Developing a research plan

A good plan identifies which sources to examine in what sequence and indicates where to find these sources.  Putting the plan into action.  Each piece of evidence is fully documented. The findings are analyzed. Conclusions are drawn and the plan is modified as needed or desired.

Preparing a report

Quality research always results in a report that states the goals outlines the plan presents the evidence discusses the analysis presents conclusions and recommends next steps.

Every project is made up of the same basic steps. A full Genealogy or Family History is a compilation of many such individual projects as we move from defining one generation after another or fill out the life story of each new relative discovered.

Why hire a professional genealogist?

  • For their expertise in analyzing evidence.
  • For their knowledge of sources their content and location
  • For their planning ability which saves time and effort
  • For their expertise in particular areas and or record types
  • For their knowledge of and access to repositories in their locale
  • For their ability to write-up a project’s results in a professional report format
  • For their ability to put all of the pieces together
  • For their ability to extend your own efforts by producing quality results in a more timely and efficient manner.

See the Association of Professional Genealogists online article on hiring professional help with your genealogy.

The Research Report

A research report supported by copies of key records is the deliverable.

The final product of any assignment is a report that presents the goals the background the path taken with exposition of what was examined the new information found and the conclusions.

A thorough report also points to the next steps to take to extend the overall research effort. A professional report does not give just the conclusion but shows where the evidence came from and lays out the thinking process that led to the conclusion. This step-by-step analysis of well-documented evidence leading to a thoroughly considered conclusion is what separates professional level genealogy research from amateur work in the field.

What will I find out?

Family Tree packages
Whether you select one line two lines or a complete ancestry Ill aim to discover when and where your ancestors were born who they married what their occupations were where they lived and any children revealed by the censuses.    Research can also be extended to include; military records wills & probate health records obituaries historical records immigration and foreign country searches.  Research is flexible so Ill aim to provide the information that you are interested in.

What if you cant find my Ancestors?
The preliminary checks that I make will ensure that enough records exist to begin your project. However if the trail does run dry the total cost will be reduced pro-rata so youll only pay for the research that has been carried out successfully.

How long does this take?
A full ancestry can typically take around 3-4 months smaller projects less but for a guide allow around 2 weeks per generation. Youll be kept regularly informed about the progress of your research.  If you require some research in a hurry dont let these timescales put you off it is often possible to complete in less time especially if you have an unusual surname to research. I have completed projects for last minute gifts in less than 3 weeks

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