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Genealogy Tip of the Day!
How Close Is That Post Office?

If your ancestor lived near the county line‚ his “post office address” might have been in the neighboring county. Members of my Rampley family lived in Hancock County‚ Illinois’ Walker Township‚ yet for a time in the late 1800s and early 1900s‚ their post office address was “Loraine‚ Illinois” in neighboring Adams County.  Always keep […]

The purpose of this section is to offer you some scanning tips and to explain the basics for photos and documents. It is about the fundamentals of digital images about the basics to help you get the most from your scanner. I will try and give you more information than the average individual will need to know. Think of this as your technical manual a resource. Where you can come and look up specific information when you need it. Well be here…kind of like that Tom guy with Motel 6 well leave the light on!

Included here are the general questions that weve all asked about digital images but unfortunately that other sources dont answer. I have seen books that dont answer the questions I will attempt to cover in this writing. The material is about the basics and is appropriate for the beginner. The content is certainly not superficial but it is not at all difficult either it is just simply about how it works. It describes in plain language the things we need to know to be efficient and get the most from our images in the various ways that we can use them. Few things pain me to see someone go out and spend $400 on a scanner because they think the $60 one is just not good enough and then they get it home and their scanned images look worse than an old newspaper print. Scanning is really not all that difficult…and yes the $60 scanner will work just fine. In fact one of my Scanners I bought online for $39.95 and the shipping was free…and it works just fine…in fact its my favorite scanner.

The material was written about scanning but most of it is a basic writing on digital images in general applicable to images from digital cameras too about which there is a quick summary here. This material is intended for home and hobby users and is not concerned with commercial prepress.

Many newbies want to scan a photo at the greatest possible resolution. Well explain why thats the wrong answer with tips about how to choose a more appropriate answer. That and many other scanning basics are covered here and its intended to be a fast jump start to aid newcomers to graphics and scanning. Scanners are easy and fun and very useful and theres lots of artistic creativity possible too. There will be a little scanning technique to learn but when youve seen it once then its rather simple.


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