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Genealogy Tip of the Day!
Read Your Ancestors Paper

When you locate that obituary or death notice for your ancestor‚ consider reading the entire thing–the newspaper that is. Reading an entire issue (or two) of a newspaper May give you some insight into the time in which your ancestor lived. At the very least you might learn about the weather and who knows what […]



Are you looking for that certain document that will tie it all together?  Or perhaps you are not certain what document you are looking for…you just know you are missing that vital piece of information.  We can do record and document searches for your ancestors.   Some of the documents that May be available for your ancestor May include:







  • Marriage Licenses
  • Birth
  • Death (given the choice we recommend a death certificate over a birth certificate.  Often times a death certificate will include everything that a birth certificate has and much more.  Further ordering a death certificate from the state can be very expensive.  The State of New York can be as high as $120.00 and up.  The State of Oregon $36.50.  From us just $15.00 in most cases.  If you are building your family tree we recommend that you get death certificates to insure accuracy.)  DO NOT USE THIS PAGE TO ORDER OREGON DEATH CERTIFICATES.
  • City Directories/Phone Book Records
  • Cemetery Records
  • Immigration & Naturalization Records
  • Obituaries & Death Notices
  • Census Records
  • Tax records
  • School Records
  • Church Directories
  • Professional Organizations
  • Land Deeds
  • Wills & Probate Records
  • Court: Divorce & Criminal Records
  • And More…

All of these have varying levels of importance when it comes to your research.  Some of them you May just want to have to complete your story on an individual ancestor.  Some records are free or near free to find.  In which case we May respond to your request and tell you where to get them or we May get them and tell you no charge.  Others May be more difficult and time consuming.  This category will require a small deposit to begin the research.   Once we locate your document if there is any additional money owed or a refund we will let you know.  Before you make your request it is always best to contact us first.   Especially in such a broad category as this.

order information: $15.00 per request   This is a deposit…some records are FREE some will be less and some will be more.  On average most will be $15.00.   It is always best to email us before you order from this category.

Discounts for multiple orders: Order four or more of any of our Record Lookups within a 24 hour time and our staff will deduct 15% from the records cost. Records already marked as On Sale are not eligible for the discount but will count towards your minimum of four records.

Shipping and Handling Charges: Shipping will only be charged for items that are mailed. Charges are based on domestic addresses. Orders to international addresses will be charged any additional shipping charges.

Please Note: You can contribute to the thoroughness and success of this search by providing as much information as possible about your ancestor and his or her relatives. Sometimes the form will ask for more information than you are able to provide. If thats the case simply leave the space blank. Record searchers must have some parameters to perform a search. At a minimum you must estimate dates and places of events. Although it takes more time than filling in this form you might want to send a pedigree chart family group record or other details or instructions that might help get the best results. Its more convenient and faster to send additional information by e-mail. Many customers prefer to save time by sending GEDCOM files containing information pertinent to a search as attachments to their e-mail messages.

Record searchers are not responsible for nor can they guarantee the presence or absence of an ancestors name in any record. When employing a professional record searcher you are paying for the time involved in performing the search not the results. By providing accurate detailed information you will help record searchers distinguish your ancestor from others with the same name.



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