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Kevin Airrington is a professional genealogist & historian with 15+ years experience. Specializing in adoptions - It's Who I Am!™
Genealogy Tip of the Day!
Who Doesnt Use Page Numbers?

Plenty of original records are in bound volumes without page numbers. Frustrating as it is‚ researchers whose work extends before 1900 will encounter volumes with pages that have no numbering to them at all. The citation to this record needs to include enough detail so that you or someone else can easily find the record […]

These rates are US Rates.  Rates May be slightly higher in other Countries.  Please be aware that we charge for document searches this means that you will be charged whether or not the records exist.  This is standard in the industry.  If you make a deposit your balance will be due and owing before your product is shipped.  Rates also do not include expenses such as document retrieval etc.  Documents are charges at cost plus 15%.

Refer a friend and save!

If you know someone who can benefit from our research services refer them on to us. If they become a client you will receive a discount on your next research project or your current one if we are still working on the project!  Typical discount is 20% depending on the relative quantities and types of research being done.

We dont need your money.  🙂

If you are stuck in your research or just need to know specific answers we are happy to help!  Please contact us to review your needs and interests or to ask if we might be able to help with a specific question.  A question or two is always free.

In the middle of your own research?

No problem.  We are happy to help find your family starting at whatever point you need and going in any direction you desire.

Rates for Professional Genealogy Research

Rates for professional genealogy research can typically range from $20 per hour to $350 with many firms charging $60 to $100 per hour or more. We are proud to offer research rates better than other companies while providing superior service and results.

To provide maximum value for our clients our rates depend on the type and amount of work you need done.  A simple record lookup will be cheaper than deep in-depth analysis with travel and interdisciplinary consultations. Our fees range from $15 to $55 per hour.

We have simplified our billing structure.

Free Consultations

While we offer a method to pay online we only work after an initial free consultation.  With this we can determine what the best rate is for your needs.  A simple project will not incur as large investment as a more complex project.  If you need help busting through a brick wall or some simple research done…it May cost as little as $15/hour.  Rather than charge you a flat hourly rate on more complex projects we will quote you a package deal.  This way you will always know where you are at and there will be no surprise bills with our competitors.

Strategy Session: $15/hr

Want to do the research yourself but don’t know how to get started? We will help you by working with you to develop and outline a personalized strategy for research based on your interests and needs.  Consulting ̵; we work with you sharing the work. ($15/hr).  There is a 3 hour minimum with a free hour for every 8 hours.  Hit Add to Cart select # of hours and update.  If you would like to take advantage of the free hour choose the 8 hour option.  Discount is automatically applied.  Change quantity to 2(two) if you want 16 hours for the price of 14(2 fee hours)

8 Hour Session (Free Hour)……………….  $105.00(Save $15.00)

Hours Needed

Intro Package: $55/hr

A 5 hour research and analysis package perfect for starting your family tree filling in some of the blanks or just getting some professional help getting over that brick wall.  Includes CD with research and files.

$55.00 per hour no minimum.  10% discount 5 hours or more.

Pay in Full 5 Hours ………….   $247.50(10% discount)
Deposit Only …………………….   $175.00
Add Presentation Binder ………   $45.95  (Discounted with this package)
Add a DVD/CD ………………………$10.00

Basic Package: $55/hr 

A 10 hour research and analysis package. Includes everything everything in the Intro Package.

Pay in Full 10 Hours ……………$484.00(1% discount)
Deposit Only ……………………….$ 350.00
Add Presentation Binder ……….$45.95  (Discounted with this package)
Add a DVD/CD ………………………$10.00

Advanced package: $55/hr 

A 25 hour research and analysis package. Includes CD  and Presentation Binder as detailed above.

Pay in Full 25 Hours………………….  $1168.00(15% discount)
Deposit Only ……………………………  $750.00
Add Presentation Binder ……………..  $45.95(Discounted with this package)
Add a DVD/CD ………………………………$10.00

Choose Options

Premium Package: $15/hr

An 80 hour research and analysis package. Includes CD and PDF book as detailed above.  Also includes Presentation Binder.

Paid in Full ……………………….. $3300.00(25% discount)
Deposit Only …………………….. $2500.00
Add Presentation Binder………$Included
Add DVD/CD……………………….$Included

Choose Options

Heirloom Package: $55/hr

A 120 hour research and analysis package for those who want the ultimate family history to cherish and pass down the generations. In addition to all of the items listed above the Heirloom package also includes one free Heirloom Binder with hard copies of all support information an additional customized CD (two total) and free shipping within the United States.


– Help prepare your family history for printing in a book.
– Design a cover
– Assistance in writing your Family Book.
– Basic Editing Service
– Free Advance Copy of your book ($80 value)
– Assistance in sending your book to the printers (recommend 8.5̸; x 11̸; laminate perfect bound book)

Paid in Full …………………………  $4620.00(30% discount)
Deposit Only  ………………………..  $3250.00
Add Heirloom Binder………………….$0.00
Add DVD/CD……………………………..$0.00

Choose Options


Heirloom Binder:  $149.95+ $15.95 s&h (includes 6 hours of research $90.00 value)

The heirloom binder is the perfect way to preserve present and pass down your family’s history to future generations. The Heirloom Binder includes a hard copy of your family’s history as a specially compiled and formatted book copies of all located documents  and photos.  Your family name is printed on the cover and spine and a photo of your choice is also printed on the front cover.  You will be given a choice of 10 covers to choose from.  Depending on the size of your family amount of documents photos etc.  this project can take up to several months or longer.  Please be patient and know that we are actively working on your book.  Please feel free to email us and check on the status anytime.  Depending on workload we are not always able to give you a play by play status unless you specifically request a status update (weekly two weeks monthly etc.)

$149.95+ $15.95 S&H  Choose Cover option.  Instructions will be sent on how to add text & graphics.

Choose Cover

Additional CD/DVD: $15.00

The perfect solution if you would like to share our findings with other family members without the possibility of your disk becoming lost or damaged. Each disc can be individually customized at no additional cost and there is no shipping charge within the United States.

Addition CD/DVD:

Family Genealogy Website: $450.00

This includes your domain name and 1 year of hosting.  After the first year you can continue at only $49.95/year. Includes a custom website training photo document uploads your family tree family history member only pages blogs and much more….show off your hard work!  You own the domain the website and NO ADS!  You can choose from 5 different website templates.   Monthly maintenance additional.

Be sure and include your details.  We will contact your for specifics on your new Genealogy Website.

Presentation Binder: $49.95

A presentation binder is a binder that includes a hard copy of all the documents from the research.  A scaled down version of the Heirloom Binder.  The binder will be custom printed with your choice of text and graphics.

The Presentation Binder comes with STANDARD Graphics.  WYSIWYG.  8 Styles to choose from.

Death Certificates:  $10.00(Rates May be higher in other states please email for best rates)

Death Certificates in Jackson County Oregon only.  Please contact us for the best price in your county/state.

Birth/Marriage Certificates: $25.00(Rates May be higher in other states please email for best rates)

This discount rate is available only in Southern Oregon for deaths that occurred in Southern Oregon 50 or more years ago.  We do travel to other parts of Oregon etc.  Also other records are available for Oregon Washington and other states.  Usually for the same rate.  Please email us before ordering.

Birth/Marriage Certificate

Local Obituary: $25.00 for the first obituary search additional obituary search (Same order) $7.00.  Additional notices related articles etc. FREE.  We search one month prior and one month after the death occurred for any related articles.

Notice it says for obituary search.  This is very time consuming.   We always search the month before and after the date of death for related articles and to be certain we do not miss you ancestors obituary …which can take an hour or more.  If we find your obituary then there is no charge to scan and email it to you.

Standard Obituary:  $25.00 for the search.  If records are found outside our facilities additional fees May apply.  Our staff will notify you.  For example if we do a search and find that your obituary is stored on a microfilm in another facility…and there cost is $20.00 for the obituary then before we are able to obtain the record their fees would have to be paid.

We will provide an obituary search for you in all 50 states.   In some cases we May find the obituary…and getting the obituary is another story.  In which case this expense will be passed on to you.   For example if we are billed $20.00(and we have been billed that and more by a repository) then we will pass that on to you.  If you have purchased a package than that is included.

Southern Oregon Pioneer Family Reports – Price varies depending on the size of the report.  25¢/page plus $20.00.   If there is a CD this May be additional.  See Southern Oregon Resources for current list of available family surnames.

Other Records – Jackson County records from 1855-1920 are available .   These include wills probates guardianship and estate files.  These records are available for $25.00– $80.00 depending on the type and size.  If your ancestors record is in Jackson County during those years email us their name the type of record and the year.  If the record is available we will contact you will the price.

There are other documents that May be available.  Please email us

Make a payment by clicking the button below:

Be sure and provide us with your contact information when checking out.

Refund Policy

As our services consist of family specific custom created historical and genealogy research projects and reports and your custom family research cannot be returned to us for resale we do not offer refunds on our work.

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