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Compiled Trees Should Not Be Your Only Source

Compiled trees (regardless of the compiler or the book‚ site‚ etc.) should not be your only source for a fact‚ relationship‚ date of an event‚ etc. These trees can lead you to other sources and give you research ideas‚ but do not simply “copy it down because you saw it online.” At the best‚ compiled […]

The Importance of Obituaries

Often the importance of obituaries are overlooked non-essential.  This is one of the first places that go I when searching for an ancestor. These little newspapers gems to and about your ancestors.  Often you will find names of parents siblings children wife and other surviving relatives listed.  The cause of death is often given.  The other slice of information we can get from an obituary is where your ancestor is buried or at the very least we can often get what funeral home handled their funeral home.

Southern Oregon (Medford) Obituaries must be done via Microfilm and it is very time consuming.   At least two rolls need to be searched by our researchers offsite.  These searches take nearly two hours as we search each page for your ancestors obituary and related articles. We also search for other newspaper articles that May be related to the death; a boating accident car accident etc.  There are also sometimes an obituary and a funeral announcements…both records are captured for you along with any related newspaper announcements.  The first obituary is $10.00 additional obituaries (same order) are $7.00.   Related articles additional notices: FREE.   If your ancestor was involved in an accident or you think that their death May have hit the newspaper please let us know so that we can keep an eye out for that news clipping.

Case:  One of my clients was adopted when she was 4 years old.  About 10 years ago (over 40 years after her adoption) she began searching for her biological parents).  The state she was adopted in had a STUPID STUPID STUPID law…that says all adoptions at that time were sealed.  I understand that there are reasons for this.  But believe me this was not one of those reasons.  Her parents simple could not take care of her and turned her over to the state.   Do to confidential I cannot share with you HOW we found the names of her parents…lets just say WE DID.  Or she did all on her own…with out my help.

Unfortunately her father passed away in 1968.   She could not find her mother.  After years of searching she heard about some of my success story and brought her file to me.  She sat at my dining room table and visited with my wife while I took her very organized file and read through it in my office.  About 5 minutes later I began entering everything into my Acme Computer system.  🙂  Without revealing all my trade secrets…I discovered that her mother had a brother.

In 199 her brother passed away…you better stand up when you read this.  He was a retired US NAVY VETERAN from WORLD WAR II serving aboard the USS LEXINGTON.   He belonged to the American Legion and he received the Silver Star.  In fact two Silver Stars.  This medal is awarded when the situation does not warrant the Medal of Honor.  In other words basically for the same action…BUT YOU ARE STILL ALIVE!   It is always awarded for heroism in a combat situation.   The heroic act(s) performed must render the individual conspicuous and well above the standard expected.  An accumulation of minor acts of heroism normally does not justify the award but unusual or exceptional cases will be decided on their merits.

This man was a hero!  He was the uncle of my client…she never knew him.  When I discovered he was the brother of my clients mother and that he passed away in 199…the first thing I did for my client was pull his obituary.  This confused my client.  She said Kevin I am not looking for him I am looking for my mother.  I said Yes and we will find her now get out of my office!  🙂  No I was not that mean.

For the last 10 years my client had been searching for her mother.  She searched for her under her maiden (birth) name and her married (her fathers name that passed away in 1968).  In the obituary I found the new married name of her mother and the state she now lived in.  Thats not all.  We have a list of cousins and other useful information including a wonderful photo of the uncle she had never met.

Are obituaries important.  You bet they are.  We specialize in tough to find obituaries.  We have seen first hand a simple obituary move forward a genealogy instigation forward 10 years or more!  For a combined obituary and newspaper search order our newspaper/obituary combo and save $7.00!

order information: $10.00 first request additional $7.00 (same order) related articles additional notices: free.


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If you already have the obituary but believe there is a newspaper clipping relate do the death of your ancestor that search is $10.00.  The search does not include a search on the city county and state of death.  Please request that as a separate service.  We do combine services for a discount see below.

Discounts for multiple orders: Order four or more of any of our Record Lookups within a 24 hour time and our staff will deduct 15% from the records cost. Records already marked as On Sale are not eligible for the discount but will count towards your minimum of four records. Shipping and Handling Charges: Shipping will only be charged for items that are mailed. Charges are based on domestic addresses. Orders to international addresses will be charged any additional shipping charges. Please Note: You can contribute to the thoroughness and success of this search by providing as much information as possible about your ancestor and his or her relatives. Sometimes the form will ask for more information than you are able to provide. If thats the case simply leave the space blank. Record searchers must have some parameters to perform a search. At a minimum you must estimate dates and places of events. Although it takes more time than filling in this form you might want to send a pedigree chart family group record or other details or instructions that might help get the best results. Its more convenient and faster to send additional information by e-mail. Many customers prefer to save time by sending GEDCOM files containing information pertinent to a search as attachments to their e-mail messages. Record searchers are not responsible for nor can they guarantee the presence or absence of an ancestors name in any record. When employing a professional record searcher you are paying for the time involved in performing the search not the results. By providing accurate detailed information you will help record searchers distinguish your ancestor from others with the same name.


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