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Kevin Airrington is a professional genealogist & historian with 15+ years experience. Specializing in adoptions - It's Who I Am!™
Genealogy Tip of the Day!
Dont Forget Your Own Story

When you’ve reached a stumbling block in the research of your long-dead ancestors‚ consider writing some of your own story–childhood experiences‚ school experiences‚ etc. Record that information that rarely gets recorded and that we all wish our long-dead ancestors had left behind for us.

Initial consultations are always offered at no charge. Research services start at a very affordable $15/hr and are discounted in larger packages.

Please visit our FAQ page for details about redeeming coupons or promotional offers.  In addition to the research time involved all packages include a customized CD with digital copies of all located support documentation such as birth certificates military records court documents newspaper articles obituaries death records wills photos etc.; your choice of digital lineage charts; GEDCOM file of your new tree for uploading to any tree building site or software; and a detailed book/report of our findings in PDF format.  Digital copies will be provided in either PDF or JPG format so it can be accessed on virtually any computer making it easy for you to print additional copies or share our findings with your family.

Heirloom binders Presentation binders and additional CDs are available for purchase.  We also provide Family genealogy websites.  This is an excellent way to share family photos stories recipes and more.  They are easy to use and you can easily upload photos via the back office.  We provide personal one on one instructions if needed on how to use your site at no additional charge.

We understand what family values are and we know how important it is to you to discover your family history.  While we are not magicians we promise we will leave no stone unturned.  If there is a record we will find it.  Our work is thorough and we are not afraid to chase every rabbit down every hole.  A piece of paper from 1580 with your relatives signature on it…we understand how exciting that simple piece of paper can be for you and your family.

Because of our persistence we have found relatives that others have searched years for.  That does not happen every time.  However when you work with us you can be sure that we will not rest until we are satisfied there is nothing left to find.

One of our clients knew very little of his past.  He never met his father.  He knew his first name no middle name.  He knew he was from Detroit Michigan.  Within 24 hours he was talking to cousins he never knew existed.   His mother who he was closer to always told him that she was born in Michigan. Within 30 minutes we had the manifest of the ship she was on with her parents his grandparents arriving from the country of Poland when she was 5 years old.  She was not born in the United States she was born in Poland!  We were able to make the connection to his Uncle who he knew very well and confirm this through other records.  Naturally he was very surprised.

What twists and turns will we find in your past?  For the client above the first twist began only with his mother and she was only born in 1931!  Another client we traced his ancestry back to his 5th great grandfather.   We know the birth (1760) and the death year (1814) his wife and his children.  In some cases we know where his children and his wife are buried.  We know the date he was married and where he was married…he was killed when the tree he was cutting down fell on him.  He was involved in a criminal dispute when he was beat up by a man.   He also had a little trouble at tax time.   There are over 84000 descendants in this line!  These are the kind of details we May be able to find for you.

Yet another client came to me with a folder of information.  When she was four years old she was adopted.  The childrens home that she was in just before she was adopted provided her with a three page letter.  The letter revealed little about her parents or her brother.  Because at that time the law required all state adoptions to be sealed.  Sometimes it is in the details that the government doesnt provide…after years of searching she had given up finding any trace of her biological parents or any other family.  Within minutes we located an uncle and her cousins…which led to her mother.  We also confirmed the location of her father and then the file started to fill with her relatives!  This case will remain open until we find every relative and reunite them with her!  Her thank you card hangs on my wall above my desk…with my $100.00 bonus.

Am I bragging?  Perhaps…but tell that to the families when you look in their eyes and after years of dreaming and hoping you are finally able to connect them with memories photos and FAMILY that they had began to think they would never find.  Because when you think about it…this is not about death certificates and census reports…its about families love and memories and those are kept in the human heart

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