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Abbreviations Are Often Contemporary

An 1819 document used the abbreviation “M.T.” as part of the location in a document. It took me a moment to realize that the reference was to “Missouri Territory.” In 1850‚ such an abbreviation would not be used Abbreviations were always used in the context of the time and place. Keep this in mind when […]

Theresa Peterman

Historical Document Researcher

The Northwest – I have secured the most resources in the Northwest because this is where I make my home however I am just as effective working in Dallas Texas as I am in Nuremberg Germany.


“You live as long as you are remembered” (Russian Proverb)


Theresa Peterman - Historical Document Researcher

Theresa Peterman – Historical Document Researcher

Theresa has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge when it comes to her ancestors.  Her passion for genealogy began almost 25 years ago when she went on a quest to help her mother locate her biological father.  These findings have led her on a comprehensive expedition to uncover the truth and history from the small foot prints of facts left behind by the ancestors before her.    She has a zest to dig into documents to create a living history of their lives citing resource evidence and ensuring that each individual be remembered with the utmost integrity.   Excitement reigns when tidbits from diaries letters postcards bible entries and personal items lend to the narrative.  “The reward for me is filling in the dash between the birth date and death date on a headstone.” she says.

Someone once said “The pulse of our ancestors is the heartbeat of this nation.”   With this in mind the search for information on the family tree has taken her on travels to Montana Idaho Washington Oregon Utah Kentucky Missouri and recently abroad to Switzerland Sweden and Germany.  She will March through courthouses cemeteries archives libraries and museums to unearth dusty manuscripts and sift through a myriad of documents newspapers and ledgers looking for that one elusive clue to amplify their lives.  No stone will be left unturned to unravel a mystery in finding your ancestor whose pulse can still be felt.

Her latest project is creating a book on her husband’s lineage.  This mission details his family living in the Alps of Switzerland and fleeing to the New World via a grueling ocean voyage. These ancestors have lived in caves owned slaves trekked the arduous Oregon Trail and fought in the Revolutionary Civil and Rogue Valley Wars.   From eccentric politicians to rugged western outlaws their lives are carved in American history and run through the blood of her children.  Nothing to her is more exciting than to discover record and preserve Family Trees around the world.

 Theresa has lived in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon for 20 years.  She and her husband Mark have raised 3 children all of whom still reside in the local area with their spouses.  Her first grandchild was recently born and she beams at the mention of her new title of “grandma.”

Ten months ago she retired after working 19 years as a Title 1 Assistant at the local school.  She is passionate about children; loves to help them explore their evolving world and the roots from which they came.

I am a professional and I specialize in uncovering the family roots and growing the family trees of ancestry.  Unlock the mysteries of your family history today.  Contact me via or contact me through our Contact Us page.



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