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Kevin Airrington is a professional genealogist & historian with 15+ years experience. Specializing in adoptions - It's Who I Am!™
Genealogy Tip of the Day!
Who Hitched Them?

If you know the siblings of your ancestor‚ have you looked at who performed the marriages for all of those siblings? There May be clues in those names to the church affiliation or denomination of your ancestor. Unless they were all married by a justice of the peace.

The Professional Genealogist Resource Guide

15 years in the making: I have been collecting this information since 1998…both on and off the internet.  Most of it comes from work from actual cases.  This guide is packed with information and SOURCES!  Have you ever purchased a book of so-called genealogy resources…we have all spent our hard earned money on so called source books these  books tell us that the documents exist but they never actually get around to telling you where the document is.  No scholarly reference library is complete without a copy of  The Professional Genealogist Resource Guide.  Out of all the books I have ever authored this book is my pride and joy and it will be yours too.  I promise you that there is NOTHING like this on the market.  The Source and the Red book have nothing on The Professional Genealogist Resource Guide Order your copy today.


In it you will find specific information essential to researchers of American records and International records are evolving very quickly (get the upgrade protection and be part of the evolution!). In a direct well-organized text covering resources and repositories that range from fingertip sources forms interviews and research trips to professional genealogical certification and accreditation venues.  These pages are organized by Special Collections State and International.  All 50 states including territories organized into Cemeteries/Death Records Census Records Land/Property/Maps Library Military Books Newspaper Resources Obituary Records Genealogical Societies Historical Societies Marriage Birth Divorce and Death Records and whatever didnt fit we put in an alphabetized OTHER Category.
Special Collections include another 37 Categories including Adoptions Military(Lincoln Woman in Combat The 54th Massachusetts Civil War USS Lexington USS IOWA USS Dyess Air Craft Carries.  The American Revolution WWI WWII Vietnam Korean War The War of 181) Church Records Prison Records African-American/Slave Records Indexes (organized by State) Books Magazines Jewish Photos Martha Stewart Railroad and that is just naming a few.
As a part time hobbyist or a professional genealogist you will not want to be without this resource.
This is a LIVING DOCUMENT…what do we mean by that?  It means that this GIGANTIC GENEALOGY RESOURCE GUIDE is ever evolving.  We are removing outdated resources adding new fresh sources.  Thousands of pages…thousands of resources!
FREE BONUS ̵; OVER 810 FREE FULL LENGTH MOVIES AND CLIPS…all organized historically… Colonial Wars Indian Wars Mexican War Spanish-American War The American revolution 181 Civil War Korean War Vietnam Pirates Presidents Indians Frontier Hitler Faith/Bible and more.
Are the resources free or paid?  I am glad you asked.  Genealogy should be free.  Over 90% of these resources are free!
GUARANTEE: I promise you that there is not another genealogy resource guide available like this. In fact I am so sure that you will not find another guide that comes close to the over 8000 resources…if you do I will refund your money.
How much is this one of a kind MONSTER RESOURCE GUIDE  that will sharpen the Professional Genealogists tool chest and make any part-time genealogist a professional?  Many professional genealogist will not like this guide!  Why?  Because it WILL turn the hobbyist into the professional because now you will know what they will know.
Only $149.95!   We think that this is a GREAT VALUE.   However  we want EVERYONE to own  copy of this today The Professional Genealogy Guide is only $74.50!   Thats a savings of more than 50% off and dont forget my guarantee.  And just look at these bonuses!
  2. FREE Over 810 Full Length Movies and Movie Clips ̵; Nothing brongs history to life like a motion picture.
  3. FREE Special Collections – Railroad Wars Lincoln Martha Washington Indians Slaves and MORE MORE MORE!
  4. FREE Genealogy Forms
  5. FREE Lesson On Reading Census (includes lesson forms and original period census forms)
  6. FREE Historical Battle Maps (On DVD)
  7. FREE Civil War Maps (On DVD)
  8. FREE Your Local History Book (if available…or your choice) (On DVD)
  9. FREE I just cant help myself ̵; 70  Civil War Regiment Rosters Books (On DVD)̵;Confederate Veterans Magazines [(1893-1923) 31 bound volumes containing 372 plus – Magazines on DVD]
  10. FREE Historical Books on DVD…to many to list!

Are you kidding me with all of this?  No way!  If you ever wanted to start your own Genealogy Research Business or you are just looking to upgrade your library…its time to take advantage of this impossible offer.  Limited printing…when they are gone they are gone!  Order yours today!

Wait…Im not finished.  Remember I said that this was a LIVING DOCUMENT?  Have you ever bought a book (I am staring at three on my bookshelf now) that the information just goes out out of date?  That will NEVER happen with The Professional Genealogist Guide.  For an additional $20.00 you can add-on the upgrade protection plan.  No more First Edition 2nd Edition 3rd edition etc.  For just $20.00 every year we will mail you the latest EDITION of The Professional Genealogist for life.


The Professional Genealogist Resource Guide



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