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This baby picture was amongst my mothers things when she passed away on her 72nd birthday 3 March 201.  She left me a large red hassock that belonged to my grandfather Glen Hall Hemphill.  I can still see his socks on them at night.  🙂

Later the hassock went to my grandmother Rose Mina Sara (Reese) Hemphill.  When the hassock came to me it was full of old photographs along with a 1990 Reese Family history book that my mothers cousin Maynard Reese and several others put together.  A treasure trove of history by any historians account.  This treasure trove sparked the writing of a new Reese Family History book.  The Reese Family History: Fritz & Amelia Reese from Germany to America.  This book over 300 pages spanning 200 plus years of history.  The pride of my library…and still in production.  I hope to complete in a few short months as  await the contribution of a few more relatives.

Among the photos I found a well preserved 8×10 of a baby in a diaper.  No identification whatsoever.  I asked around…mailed out letters and no clue.  So I am reaching out to you.

On 30 March 189 Fritz & Amelia Reese arrived in America and stayed with relatives in Iowa.

The baby could be a Reese or he could be an Ebert or he could be an ?

I am thinking Iowa Minnesota North Dakota or Nebraska.  It is a wonderful picture….If you have any information…PLEASE HELP.



 $200.00 CASH REWARD if you can identify this baby.  Must be supported by other photos/documents etc.


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