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Kevin Airrington is a professional genealogist & historian with 15+ years experience. Specializing in adoptions - It's Who I Am!™
Genealogy Tip of the Day!
Personal Property Tax Lists

If your ancestor did not own real property‚ determine if there were local personal property tax lists kept and if they can be accessed. These are typically county or city records and not all are extant. However‚ if they are‚ they May list people who do not appear on real property tax lists.

Adoption Search Services Forms

Search Agreements

When you are ready to start your Adoption Search choose the form below that best fits your needs. Please complete and mail the SIGNED and NOTARIZED document to the given address on the form.

*Retainer Fee May be paid by personal check or money order (made out to Kathleen Airrington) or thru PayPal.*

The retainer fee is based on an estimation of the number of hours your case May take plus expenses.  Any documents that require payment excessive postage (We will not billing you for a stamp! :)) any travel although highly unlikely etc.  If you have questions about expenses please let us know.   The average retainer fee is between $250 and $500.  It can be less or more depending on the work involved.  We are not the cheapest and we are not the most expensive.  Our goal is to provide you with the results that you desire for the least amount of money.  Many genealogists and agency will take advantage of your emotions and tell you that the more money you pay the higher the result.    Your result is determined by how hard your Searcher works and by their experience.  Nothing more.

We will not take advantage of your emotions.  In fact we caution you to keep them in check.  The following scenario has never happened in one of our cases however there is a chance that you biological family will not want contact with you.  In this case it will be both heart wrenching for you our client and us.  But State Laws prohibit further contact.  Only non-identifying information will be released to you.  After three years have past at your request we can re-open the case and try to arrange contact again.

Please contact us and request the adoption service that you need and we will send you the form.

    • Full Search Agreement
      • For adoptees who were adopted through a court in your State and would like to request a search be done to locate and contact their birth parents with the goal of obtaining more background information and possible reunion with them.
        Retainer Fee: $TBD on a case by case basis
    • Search Agreement ̵; Re-open Case
      • For adoptees who have previously had a full search conducted with the result being the birth parent declining to release information or have direct contact. At least a 3 year period has passed since the last search was conducted. The goal of this search is to contact the birth parent again with the hope that their decision May be different this time.

                   Retainer Fee: $50.00

    • Lineal Descendent Search Agreement
      • For the lineal descendent of the deceased adoptee who would like to request that a search for the birth family be conducted for the purposes of learning identifying information on the birth family and assistance in possible contact with any living descendents..
        Records Search Fee: $TBD on a case by case basis


If it werent for GREAT people like you…there wouldnt be grateful people like me!  Kevin I really cant say a big enough THANK YOU for all the family info youve found for me.  I have been searching for my biological parents for nearly 10 years without success.  In about 30 minutes you found both my parents in fact several generations you found my brother who was adopted by another family that I never knew and you found my Uncle and several cousins.  I am enjoying getting to know my family.  Thank you will never be enough.  While I loved my adoptive parents I always wanted to know where I came from and now thanks to you I do!   Mrs Cooper Phoenix AZ


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