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Kevin Airrington is a professional genealogist & historian with 15+ years experience. Specializing in adoptions - It's Who I Am!™
Genealogy Tip of the Day!
Do You Know What You Are Searching?

A genealogy friend forwards you a link to a new database or website and you begin searching. Do you know what you are searching? Who created the materials? What records are included? Don’t get so excited about a new set of materials that you neglect to think about what they are‚ what time periods are […]

The decision to begin a search is a big one. You have decided that the time has come to seek out “the rest of the story” about your birth and adoption. You have a desire to learn more about your birth mother and birth father and the hope to develop a friendship after so many years.


We are your leading adoption search provider in Oregon California Washington and all of the United States.   Adoptions are regulated by the State of Oregon. An intermediary May be assigned for initial contacts.  Some states make it LAW to have an intermediary involved.

Our association with the local courts allows us to provide the intermediary services needed to locate and contact the birth mother and birth father. This is completed in accordance with State law on birth records.  Our experience is in providing competent search services and compassionate understanding to adoptees and birth parents.

While in the research and discovery phase we operate in the shadows.   Because of the sensitive nature of adoptions we keep all parties in the loop while maintaining the STRICTEST of confidence.  We do not share names addresses or other contact information with either party except where required by law.  During the final stages we make careful compassionate  introductions.

Our goal in every search is to help answer your life long questions while taking the needs and wishes of your birth mother and birth father into consideration. We invite you to look around this site to learn more about us and the birth parent search. When you are ready to begin a search for your birth mother we would be happy to help. We are happy to answer any questions about the search process you May have.

Please dont let some greedy zealous genealogist try and convince you of guarantees and an easy path.  The road to finding your biological family is filled with ups downs and heartache.  Often times requires the added expense of a lawyer.  There is no quick resolution and sometimes tales weeks and months.  At Airrington Genealogy we promise to work diligently on your case.  We will provide you with a final report of all of our findings.  Any documents that we recover you will receive.   If there are photos to be found you will get them as well.  You will not be disappointed with the adoption services provided by Airrington Genealogy.


Kevin I am overly excited.  To be honest I was not sure if you were going to be able to find my grandmother.  As you know we had almost nothing to go on.  Yet you pulled it off  and in a matter of a couple of weeks I was looking at photos of my grandmother and my grandfather and of many relatives that I did not know existed.  You attention to detail is amazing…an 87 page report are you kidding me? WOW!  You have provided me with so much information my head is spinning.   I am now getting to know cousins aunts and uncles whom I never knew.  This is an amazing story and you pulled it off.  I will recommend you to everyone.  No wonder adoptions are your specialty…I am so glad I hired you.  God Bless you.   Beauty Arizona


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