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Genealogy Tip of the Day!
All Inmates are Not In Jail

Inmate can mean resident or patient. A reference from the 1890s refers to the widow of the veteran as an inmate of St. Mary’s Infirmary in St. Louis. Do not conclude that inmate means prisoner–that’s not always how it was intended.

This unique search provides you with a list of everyone listed by the same surname in a federal census index for a specific census year. The years available for this search are 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870 1870 1880 1890(see below) 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940.  While the 1790-1810 censuses have been compiled into one index each subsequent year appears in a separate index.


A fire destroyed the 1890 census but it doesnt have to destroy your genealogical research.

According to some newspapers it was a cigarette or lighted match that started the fire while others believe it might have been caused by the wood shavings in the nearby carpenter shop. Some people in Ohio thought it was a conspiracy to prevent a family from inheriting an estate because the fire destroyed every shred of evidence which could prove they were the legal heirs.

Whatever started the fire it was a tragedy which affected the genealogical research of our ancestors who lived in the United States in 1890… FOREVER.

The 1890 US Census held important statistical records of over 6 million residents of the United States. (more)

reasons genealogists use census indexes

  • Determining where an individual or head-of-household resided during a census year.
  • Obtaining the census page number on which an individual or head-of-household is listed.
  • Identify members of ancestral families.
  • Narrowing the time-frame of a persons or familys arrival in or departure from a town city or county.
  • Narrowing the time-frame of a persons death.

early census index content:

  • Surname given name(s) of heads-of-households.
  • County of residence during the census year.
  • Census page number on which the entry appears.
  • Township district or ward of residence during the census year.
  • US Federal Census
    • Nationwide Census Index: 1790-1810
    • Nationwide Census Index: 1820
    • Nationwide Census Index: 1830
    • Nationwide Census Index: 1840
    • Nationwide Census Index: 1850
    • U.S. Census Index Searches: 1790
    • U.S. Census Index Searches: 1800
    • U.S. Census Index Searches: 1810
    • U.S. Census Index Searches: 1820
    • U.S. Census Index Searches: 1830
    • U.S. Census Index Searches: 1840
    • U.S. Census Index Searches: 1850
    • U.S. Census Index Searches: 1860
    • U.S. Census Index Searches: 1870
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1790
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1800
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1810
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1820
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1830
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1840
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1850
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1860
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1870
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1880
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1890 Veterans Schedule
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1900
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1910
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1920
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1930
    • U.S. Census Searches: 1940

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