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Denomination Deviations

Don’t assume that your ancestor was always a member of a specific denomination and ignore nearby churches of that “wrong”denomination. You could easily be wrong about your ancestor’s lifelong commitment to a specific church. They could have attended a different church for a short time‚ particularly if they lived on the frontier and there was […]

In many historic documents first names were abbreviated. For example old street directories and city directories always abbreviated common first names. Parish records often abbreviated familiar Christian names. This was done to save space and paper.

Knowledge of first name abbreviations can be very helpful in tracking down ancestors. For example knowing that Chas is short form for Charles Geo represents George My means Mary and Hy means Henry opens up many more possibilities when looking through ancestral records.

It took us months to collect and compile a list of common abbreviations for first names. As far as we know this is the most exhaustive list available on an important but often overlooked aspect of genealogy.

We recommend reading the list to familiarize yourself with common first name abbreviations and then reference the list as required when searching for specific ancestors.


Abig Abigail
Abr Abraham
Ad Adelard
Adr Adrien Adrienne
Agn Agnes
Alb Albert Albina
Albt Albert
Alex Alexander Alexandre Alexandrine
Alf Alfred
Alfd Alfred
Alph Alphonse
Amb Ambrose
And Andrew André
Andw Andrew
Ang Angeline
Ant Antoine Antoinette
Anth Anthony
Arch Archibald
Archd Archibald
Art Arthur
Arth Arthur
Aug August Auguste Augustin Augustine
Barb Barbara
Bart Bartholomew
Bea Beatrice
Ben Benjamin
Benj Benjamin
Bern Bernard Bernadette
Brid Bridget Bridgette
Cath Catherine
Charlt Charlotte
Chas Charles
Chris Christopher
Clem Clement Clementine
Clif Clifford
Clifd Clifford
Const Constance
Corn Cornelius
Cor’us Cornelius
Cuthbt Cuthbert
Dan Daniel
Danl Daniel
Dav David
Deb Deborah
Delbt Delbert
Den Dennis
Dom Dominique
Don Donald
Dor Dorothy
Doug Douglas
Dy Dorothy
Eben Ebenezer
Ed Edward Edouard
Edm Edmond Edmund
Edw Edward
Eliz Elizabeth
Eliza Elizabeth
Elnr Eleanor
Em Emmanuel Emma Emily
Ern Ernest Ernestine
Esth Esther
Euc Euclide
Eug Eugene
Eus Eustace
Ezek Ezekiel
Ferd Ferdinand
Fern Fernand Fernande
Flor Florence
Fred Frederick Frédéric
Fs Francis (male)
Frs Francis (male) Frances (female) François Françoise
Frs. X François-Xavier
Gab Gabrielle
Geo George Georges Georgette Georgina
Geof Geoffrey
Ger Gerald Geraldine Gerard
Germ Germaine
Gilbt Gilbert
Godf Godfrey
Graz Graziella
Gul William (in Latin Gulielmus)
Guliel William (in Latin Gulielmus)
Gwen Gwendolyn
Han Hannah
Hel Helen Hellene
Hen Henry
Hep Hephzibah
Herb Herbert
Herbt Herbert
Hest Hester
Hon Honour
Hub Hubert
Hubt Hubert
Hum Humphrey
Humy Humphrey
Hy Henry
Ioh John (in Latin)
Isab Isabel Isabelle
Isb Isabel Isabelle
Jabus James (in Latin Jacobus)
Jac James (in Latin Jacobus)
Jacq Jacques Jacquelline
J. Bte Jean-Baptiste
Jas James
Jean Jean Jeannette
Jer Jeremiah
Jerh Jeremiah
Jermh Jeremiah
Jn John
Jno John
Jnthn Jonathan
Jon Jonathan
Jone Joan (sometimes misspelt)
Jos Joseph Joséphat
Josh Joshua Josiah
Jud Judith
Jul Juliette
Kath Katherine
Ken Kenneth
Lau Laurence
Lawr Lawrence
Len Leonard
Leo Leopold
Leon Leonard
Let Letitia Lettice
Lse Louise
Luc Lucian Lucien Lucienne
Lyd Lydia
Mad Madeleine
Marg Margaret Marguerite
Mart Martha
Margt Margaret
Margy Margery
Marm Marmaduke
Mat Matthias Mathias Matthew Mathieu
Math Mathias
Mathw Mathew
Matt Mathew
Mau Maurice
Mic Michael
Mich Michael Miche
Michl Michael
Mill Millicent
My Mary
Nap Napoleon
Nath Nathaniel
Nathl Nathaniel
Neh Nehemiah
Nic Nicholas
Nich Nicholas
Ol Oliver
Pat Patrick Patrice Patricia
Patk Patrick
Pen Penelope
Pet Peter
Phil Phillip Philippe
Phin Phineas
Phyl Phyllis
Prisc Priscilla
Pru Prudence
Rach Rachel
Ray Raymond
Rayd Raymond
Reb Rebecca
Reg Reginald
Regd Reginald
Ric Richard
Rich Richard
Richd Richard
Richdus Richardus (Richard in Latin)
Robt Robert
Rog Roger
Rol Roland
Rowl Rowland
Sam Samuel
Saml Samuel
Sar Sarah
Sid Sidney
Silv Sylvester
Sim Simon
Sol Solomon
Stan Stanley
Steph Stephen
Sus Susan Susanna
Susna Susanna Susannah
Syd Sydney
Tam Thomasin Tamsin
Teles Telesphore
Theo Theodore
Tho Thomas
Thos Thomas
Tim Timothy
Tous Toussaint
Urs Ursala
Val Valentine
Vic Victor
Vinc Vincent
Virg Virginia
Walt Walther
Wilf Wilfred Wilfrid
Wm William
Xpr Christopher (in Latin)
Xtianus Christian (in Latin)
Xtopherus Christopher (in Latin)
Zach Zachariah

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