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Kevin Airrington is a professional genealogist & historian with 15+ years experience. Specializing in adoptions - It's Who I Am!™
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Genealogy Tip of the Day!
Where to get birth dates & death dates

Check all your family members for family Bibles‚ genealogies and histories‚ an excellent resource for family lineage. Sometimes the dates might not be exact but you can always correct them later after you obtain birth‚ death‚ marriage and baptism records.  My grandmother had a small devotion book where she recorded birthdays‚ marriages and deaths…a few […]


If you need help extending your ancestral line I can help you by performing the research for or with you.  If you or your organization want help learning more about how to research more effectively or how to use a particular record type such as land records or how to evaluate and organize what you already have take a look at my instructional services and lecture topics.

If you have finished most of your research and want help either with organizing or compiling and publishing it take a look at the services I offer in this area. Maybe you are planning a major research project; I can help you with project management – either by helping you plan the project and/or managing the effort.

Sometimes you May want to talk to someone about your genealogy to get new ideas on where to look next to help analyze what you have already found to learn more about how to use software more effectively or help with editing your final output. I offer one-on-one consulting that can be tailored to your particular needs.


Sometimes the fresh eyes of a professional can make all the difference.

When you have hit that proverbial “brick wall” getting some expert input May be the most expedient way forward. This is where I can help.

I can review your work identify problems and provide likely paths to solutions. I can take your objective(s) and based on what you have already done give you a plan for moving to the next level. This is an area of special strength for me thanks to training in both genealogical and scientific research methodologies.


In this process I will review your work in all of its aspects and give you a report on issues regarding evidence analysis validity of the conclusions you have drawn your documentation and the roadmap you have followed. You can then use this to direct your own research efforts to upgrade and extend your work.

Research Plan Development

This process generally follows after an in-depth analysis of what you have already done. You decide what your next goal is and I will help you develop a plan of action. This would include what records to seek what evidence these records are likely to contain and where you are most likely to find them. This can be developed in either a text or decision tree format.


If you want another pair of eyes to critique your writing I can provide a practiced review of your genealogy and family history writing. I will prepare a report on overall style readability soundness of the genealogy presented and suggestions for enhancement of the overall product.

Organizing Compiling and Publishing

Have you gathered a large amount of information pictures articles GEDCOM files etc. which sit unexamined and unused? Have you gathered many notes and extracted or copied a pile of documents but never got around to studying these to find out what they really tell you? Do you want a system for organizing all of your genealogical materials so they are of more use to you? Do you want to put your research into a format that you can share more easily with your relatives?


I can take your raw material and put it into a form that will be of use to you and others. This can be anything from setting up a filing system entering data into a genealogical database setting up a catalog for your pictures and scanned images to writing a research report a genealogy or a family history.


If you want your research put into a form better suited for sharing with relatives I can work with you to create a book or major report. This can be published in print form or put on a CD or I can help you create a website to share the research with others.

Project Management

If you have a major research project that involves multiple distant sites and areas of expertise I can coordinate the overall effort for you. Once we have analyzed your results to date and developed a plan of attack I can carry the project forward with a combination of my own research whatever efforts you might want to take on your own and the use of outside expertise. I will find and qualify whatever additional professional resources are needed. I will contract with them on your behalf make sure they have the proper instructions review their work and integrate all of this into a seamless whole for you.

Depending upon the size of the project I May use professional project management software tools to better plan track and communicate the program to all participants. I will provide you with periodic update reports so you know what progress the project is making.

Other Services

Perhaps you need help finding a document.  This May include a birth certificate death certificate obituary land record or other document.  While I can be most effective in Southern Oregon if you need a document somewhere else please let me help you.  At the very least I can tell you where you might find it.


Please Note: You can contribute to the thoroughness and success of this search by providing as much information as possible about your ancestor and his or her relatives.  Sometimes the form will ask for more information than you are able to provide. If thats the case simply leave the space blank. Record searchers must have some parameters to perform a search. At a minimum you must estimate dates and places of events. Although it takes more time than filling in this form you might want to send a pedigree chart family group record or other details or instructions that might help get the best results. Its more convenient and faster to send additional information by e-mail. Many customers prefer to save time by sending GEDCOM files containing information pertinent to a search as attachments to their e-mail messages.

Record searchers are not responsible for nor can they guarantee the presence or absence of an ancestors name in any record. When employing a professional record searcher you are paying for the time involved in performing the search not the results.  By providing accurate detailed information you will help record searchers distinguish your ancestor from others with the same name.


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