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Kevin Airrington is a professional genealogist & historian with 15+ years experience. Specializing in adoptions - It's Who I Am!™
Genealogy Tip of the Day!
If the Story Were True…

When trying to “prove” that family tradition‚ ask yourself what records would have been generated if it were true. And‚ when you are looking for those records and analyzing the information that they contain‚ keep yourself open to the possibility that the story May not even be true at all.



Your family history is a most valuable heritage. Finding out more about that heritage can be one of lifes most rewarding endeavors but sometimes we need help with the hunt.  This is were the Genealogy On Fire™ Research Team comes in. Depending on your needs we can help you by:

  • Conducting research for you
  • Compiling the information you and your family have gathered into a book a CD or a website
  • Coaching you as you do your own research
  • Managing your major genealogy project
  • Providing one-on-one instruction on genealogy and genealogy related technologies or more.

Take a look at the Services section to learn more about how we can help you find and capture the heritage of your family history.

Genealogy On Fire LogoWe began genealogy like most genealogist by researching our own family.  What we have found is while there is some luck involved there is a bit of science as well.  Sure you can get out there an beat the pavement but weI have developed a system and the tools that gets your relatives found fast.

A fire in 197 at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis destroyed millions of military records and damaged millions more. Less than 20 percent of the army records for 191-1959 survived. These record losses make the World War I draft records extremely valuable to family historians. They are filed by the Selective Service Board of Registration. For this reason metropolitan areas are more difficult to search due to the increased number of registration boards. Several forms were used at different times however most of the draft records usually contain the name birth date birthplace residence and employment information. Some also contain personal information such as height eye and hair color.

While the 197 file destroyed many records…some of the were not destroyed and with the help of genealogists and family members some of those records were recovered and are available.   There are many documents that we are able to find.  We do searches in Oregon all 50 states and almost any country.


Did you know that millions of genealogical records are not available on the Internet?  Only about 1% are on the Internet.


Many people are unaware that many important records which are crucial to their family tree search cannot be found online.  Many Oregon records for example are only available to researchers who physically visit repositories at the local level in Oregon or at the federal level in Washington D.C.  Our genealogy researchers have access to all of these records and are ready to assist you with your genealogy search in Oregon United States and the World.  So if you have limited your past family tree research to exhaustive internet searches at Rootsweb and other online databases and web sites you May have reached a brick wall because youre missing out on the literal gold mine of records available to our genealogists on microfilm in books and in other published works.

To request a record search follow the link to our Record look-up page and fill out the form.  Please provide us with as much information as possible.  If you do not know the dates give us your best guess.  We will do the records search and email you a copy of the record.  Please one record search per order.

Search Military Records - Fold3

Record Look-up Services-simple record searches include:

                • African American & Slave Records

Once an ancestor has been traced back to 1866 you have to determine if they were free or enslaved before that date. If they were living in 1850 or 1860 and their names do not appear on the censuses taken those years most likely they were slaves. At this point your attention must turn to the white slave owners in the area where they lived in 1870.

How did that owner obtain those slaves? Did he purchase or inherit them? Surprisingly large number of owners living in 1860 inherited their slaves. Now estate records become the focus of your research – they May list the names and ages of your slave ancestors; some even group slaves by families.

                • Census
                • Colonial Records
                • Court Records – Wills Divorce Land and more
                • Emigration and Immigration

The German Emigration Index is an on-going computer database project containing information about German-American immigrants whose birth place or residence prior to leaving Germany have been determined. More than 150 sources have been used to compile the index with heavy emphasis on southern Germany and Westfalen. Both 18th and 19th century immigrants are listed in the index.

                • Military –
                • Civil War

In April 1865 when the Confederate Government evacuated Richmond Virginia the centralized military personnel records of the Confederate Army were taken to Charlotte North Carolina. Later they were turned over to Union forces to furnish valuable materials for history…. Those Confederate records augmented by other records collected or copied since resulted in a unique body of official information about the service of Confederate soldiers called the Consolidated Index to Compiled Military Service Records of Confederate Soldiers.

                • War of 1812
                • The Revolution
                • World War I & II
                • Misc. Records

Many thousands of Family Histories are contained in the Family History Library collection. Finding an ancestor listed can result in a wealth of information providing a valuable framework for your own research.

                • Native American Records
                • Marriage Birth Death Burial Records

Example of State Record Searches:

City Directories
U.S. City Directories
County Histories
U.S. County Histories
Death Records
Oregon Vital Records: Death Index 190-1970
Family Histories
U.S. Family Histories
Land Records
U.S. County Land Indexes
Marriage Records
U.S. County Marriage Records
Military Records
World War I Draft Records: Populated City or County
World War I Draft Records: Rural County
Civil War
Revolution War
War of 1812
Misc Records
Indexed Record Searches



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